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E-books: General


E-book, e-book, eBook, ebook
(fi: e-kirja; sähkökirja; sähköinen kirja)

A hand-held electronic device on which the text of a book can be read.

Also: a book whose text is available in an electronic format for reading on such a device or on a computer screen; (occas.) a book whose text is available only or primarily on the Internet.

Oxford English Dictionary

General information about e-books in the University of Turku

Most of the Turku University Library's e-books can be read via the internet without a separate device or programme. Check the Save, Print, Use tab above to get an overview of how to use the e-books acquired by the Turku University Library.

Most of the e-books

  • can be found in the library's Volter database
  • can be read as pdf files or html pages
  • can be used both through the university network as well as on a home computer by logging in with your utu username and password


Why an e-book?

E-book at its best:

  • Improves the availibility and accessibility of course/text books.
  • Makes it easier to find the information needed in the book.
  • Independent study is possible irrespective of where you are or what time it is.