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Use of Electronic Resources and Remote Access

The electronic resources are available in the network of the University of Turku or through remote access for students and staff members. In remote access, resources automatically ask you to enter UTU user ID and password, if needed.

MOT Dictionaries

MOT dictionaries include tools for everyday communication: dictionaries, proofreading and translation software.

Feedback about teaching

Please, give library feedback about the teaching in information retrieval! 

Ministry of Justice: Current Issues


Kuvat: J. Viitanen, Wikimedia commons

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Volter Basic Search

Search the Volter database


Boolean operators must be written in capital letters (AND/OR/NOT).
Truncate with an asterisk (*). The search results wil be shown in four tabs:

  • Books, journals, databases
  • International Articles (Primo)
    • Primo Central Index includes references from more than 800 databases.
  • Finnish Articles (Arto)
  • National Repository Library (Kuopio)

You can also use advanced search.

Information specialist

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Johanna M. Viitanen
029 450 3720,
050 430 9708

Information Specialist

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Maija Nurmi
029 450 3718
046 923 0123

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